I saw two close friends, both younger than me, die of the virus. One was the sales manager of the channel, a man full of vitality, energy, optimism, who seemed invulnerable to the plague. He was generous to me, congratulated me when the numbers were good, was happy when he got new sponsors for the show. He earned well, he was a successful man, he had a family that adored him, he traveled frequently, he drove luxury cars. Suddenly he fell ill when vaccines were not yet available and in a few days his defenses disintegrated, his resistance collapsed and he died intubated, unable to say goodbye to his family. No one in the channel could believe that the sales manager had died like this, so suddenly. I was dismayed. I understood that if I got sick with the virus, I would lose my life, just as my friend lost it. A short time later, a doctor who came every night to the canal to give advice not to catch the plague also became ill. He was also a man of success, of fortune, owner of a clinic, in his early fifties. In addition, he was an athlete, a mountaineer, he had climbed the highest mountains. Being the doctor who gave advice not to get infected, he was unsuspecting of catching himself. For he became ill and died, such was his fate, and in the canal we were invaded again by a deep sorrow and an ill-concealed fear of dying.

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