Ah! this one episode of Divorce Court. The lady was seeking divorce because her Husband came home from picking up McDonald’s and half the fries were eaten. He would come home with blonde hair on the back of his work jacket. Who doesn’t eat fries on the way home? The man worked for the city and drove a truck with another worker who had blonde hair. The man actually did nothing wrong but because of her past relationships. She thought he was cheating. Like he drove to McDonald’s and picked up his side chick and fed her half the fries in 20 minutes. Because of HER past she looked for clues and if you go searching for something, you will find it. Good or bad.

I am in charge of my feelings. I can let you use words to make me feel unlike myself or I can decide your words means nothing to me. I control that. That is why I wake up every morning happy for a new day and when people try to sway me. I do not let them. That is manipulation and only I can manipulate me.

I care about people. I have given money to cashiers who seemed to be having a bad day and it cheered them up. I have stopped bullies from picking on people. I have stood up to racists and put them in their place. I have tossed guys to the ground that were harassing women. I have empathy. What I do not have is control of your emotional state. That is all on you. IF I see you in a bad state I am more than willing to listen and help how I can.

Your feelings and emotional state are yours. They are not mine. I have no control over your feelings. They are produced from your past experiences. If I say something that reminds you of the past and you end up hurting or angry or whatever. How is that my responsibility? I do not know your past. That was not my intent.

I think it is terroristic to think I should change myself because you feel some sort of way. Yell and cuss me because you want me to vibe to you because you took what I said the wrong way. Make me feel sorry for you because of something I have no control over. Force an apology out of me because your past haunts you. Mine haunts me as well, but that is my problem, not yours.

Answer to Why do some people not care about other’s feelings? by Chad Morgan