rules that should be in place during each “party” so that they continue to be enjoyable for all.

I also think a lot about the political statement “with everybody for the good of everybody” since I think that there always will be groups that will consider themselves to be unjustly stigmatized by the one united as “aliados” in a new fab movement.

I think that the one real possible way to address this issue is to elevate the quality of the education which I consider will be the main tool in our hands along with the media and our statements everywhere on this regard to encourage each person to be more critical with each one of their own point of views and how to better understand what is just and plausible so that everyone around can share this world in a way all can benefit and enjoy a more satisfying lives for each one of us with more options for each one of us and not this end-road discriminatory that always put all of us at the brink of all kind of ignorance’s decisions in the name of a “superior” cause, causing superior pain to a lot of innocent people everywhere and facilitate the right treatment each one of them could benefit of without hurting anyone,  and therefore for the benefit of all sharing this world at large.