Why don’t we just give Ukraine everything there is to give?”  Well, for two reasons.  One, there’s an entire Alliance that is critical to stay with Ukraine.  And the idea that we would give Ukraine material that is fundamentally different than is already going there would have a prospect of breaking up NATO and breaking up the European Union and the rest of the world.

We’re going to give Ukraine what it needs to be able to defend itself, to be able to succeed, and succeed in the battlefield.

And the other piece of this is, you may recall, one of the reasons why I have spent — well, I won’t tell you the calculation, but I’ve spent several hundred hours face-to-face with our European allies and the heads of state of those countries, and making the case as to why it was overwhelmingly in their interest that they continue to support Ukraine.

They understand it fully, but they’re not looking to go to war with Russia.  They’re not looking for a third World War.  And I think it can all be avoided by making sure that Ukraine is able to succeed in the battlefield.

So, anyway, there’s more to say, but I probably already said too much.  Thank you.

Well, thank you all very, very much. I appreciate your time and attention.

And as I said, Mr. President [Zelenskyy], you don’t have to worry — we are staying with Ukraine as long as Ukraine is there.

Thank you all.

PRESIDENT ZELENSKYY:  Thank you so much, all you guys. 

12/21/2022 5:20 P.M. EST