1. Ideological beliefs: Some Cubans may be ideologically committed to the Cuban socialist system and believe in the principles and values it represents. They may see voting or attending government events as a way to support their political beliefs and contribute to the functioning of the system.
  2. Social pressure: In Cuba, there is often social pressure to show support for the government, and this can come from family, friends, or community members. Some Cubans may feel obligated to attend government events or vote in order to avoid negative consequences or social ostracism.
  3. Access to resources: In some cases, Cubans may vote or attend government events in order to gain access to resources or benefits that are distributed through the government system. This could include access to healthcare, education, or other social services.
  4. Lack of alternatives: In a one-party system like Cuba’s, there may be limited political alternatives available for Cubans to choose from. Some may feel that even if they disagree with the government, there is no viable alternative to support.

It’s important to note that there may be other factors influencing Cubans’ decisions as well, and individual motivations can be complex and multifaceted.