[on January 6th 2021 US Capitol events] By the standards of the day it wasn’t even a good riot, missed all the looting and burning down of buildings.

The real issue which is a problem is the normalization of civil disobedience (lets go riot!) whenever a left wing or far right wing group doesn’t get its way. We watched that all across America in 2019 and 2020 and the liberal left thought it was great. They even talked their way into loving such civil disobedience during a time when much of the Blue States were still mostly locked down to varying degrees with Covid restrictions. Covid wasn’t an issue so long as your riot was supported by the Democrats who were all in for anything that led to chaos. Reality is you either condone riots (both sides) or you don’t put up with them and shut them all down.

Recognize there is a difference between protests and riots. Rioters deserve to be shot once the decision is made to declare a protest has gotten out of control and become a riot. I am good with not tolerating riots but there has to be an even standard applied. Absent that its just more political theater.